Downloading And Installing Photoshop Brushes

Brushes are at their most basic, stamps of shape that could be dragged on images. But aside from repeating an image or even making basic lines, brushes can also be used for digital painting, lighting, texture and many other purposes. Actually, brushes help in adding depth and flow to your artwork but none of it will be of great use if you can't install it.

How to download brushes?

The first thing that you have to do is to use the web and search for new brush patterns to be able to find the right brush for your needs. If you are unsure of what you want, simply look out for Photoshop Brushes Pack. There will probably be hundreds of options available from textured brushes that are mainly used for drawing grass or shading, painting sets and a lot more. But as of now, just focus on the basic brush set and download the one you like. Visit to read more.

When you found a pack, the next thing you should do is download the .ZIP file. Most of the brushes that are downloadable online come in .ZIP file which are folders holding all the brushes. By the time you find the one that you like, simply press download. You need to open the .ZIP file to your computer.

Once you have the .ZIP file on your computer, you should extract it. Make sure that there is an .abr file in the folder. There will be several files that you are about to see inside the folder but the most important is the .abr file only. And in the event that you didn't see one in the folder, erase the whole folder and look for a new set. Get more info here.

Adding Your new Brushes

To be able to add the brush, open Photoshop in your computer. It helps if you open your Windows Explorer window that shows where the brushes are in your computer. Click on the Brush tool and bring the brush bar up to the top part of screen. There is going to be a bar on top that'll change depending on what tool you have opened.

Click the small downward arrow in the brush bar. Doing so is going to open the Brushes Preset Menu. Next is to click the gear symbol and find the Load Brushes. As you do this, it is going to bring up a new window that could be used in finding your brushes. Double click the .apr file in order to install the brushes and you're done. Click here if you want to read more.